our rice


APARROZ is the greatest group of rice producers from one of the main and most important rice farming regions in Portugal.

Created in 1997, it sets itself apart by its integrated production methods, as well as by unique and extensive available know-how, only made possible by the integration of a vast technical team.

APARROZ presents several varieties and rice crops – always from the highest quality possible – demandingly developed and safely back-traced, making sure all physiological and environmental elements are maintained and preserved, through a thoughtful selection of all phytopharmaceutical products.

With a sharp corporate sense and a strong mission core, APARROZ has been able to evolve from a regular cereal exporter to a notable and respectable institution, creating a huge impact on several business areas:

  • Bulk rice sale – milled, un-milled and white;
  • Production factors;
  • Industrial rice cost calculation;
  • Consultancy and technical assistance for all Organic Farming and Integrated Production;
  • Rice and other cereals drying and stocking;
  • Property management;
  • Appliances and Candidacies;
  • Training, Research, Development and Experimentation.

For more information, please get in touch through the following email info@aparroz.pt or by phone +351 265 619 180